Support for Remote Work When You Need It Most

To everyone who works in healthcare, we sincerely hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Being on the front lines, we’d also like to thank you and your organization for all you’re doing to get us through this pandemic.

Patients have always depended on their healthcare providers to be a steady stream of support. But even in the best of times, it can be a challenge to provide that personalized, one-on-one support with your current systems. Accomplishing that goal while ensuring your employees are safe and productive is especially daunting in uncertain times like these when the healthcare system is overburdened on many fronts.

With Shelter in Place mandates nearly nationwide at this point, organizations are asked to get creative and try to do business as effectively as possible with remote employees. Here at Sirono, it is paramount that we offer systems that support this model.

We Have Solutions for Remote Operations

Sirono offers a suite of products that empowers your business office and patient engagement teams with the information and tools they need to support your patients remotely. We can eliminate the need for direct access to your source systems by securely consolidating data in the cloud and delivering it through streamlined web-based user interfaces to both your staff, and your patients directly.

Each Cloud-Based System Is Accessible Remotely

Sirono Patient Receivables Suite
Our engagement platform for Patient Financial Services makes it easy to provide high quality customer service via a variety of communication channels, including phone, email, text and chat.

  • Aggregate a guarantor’s financial information from multiple systems
  • Interact seamlessly with patients using their preferred methods
  • Increase staff efficiency with advanced dialing technologies


Sirono Patient Financial Portal
Our intuitive self-service web-based application is far easier for patients to use than legacy portals and eliminates the need for redundant portals.

  • Greatly reduces contact center staff workloads
  • View and understand an entire family’s obligations in one place
  • Create and manage payment plans within hospital guidelines


Sirono Patient Financial Health App
Our easy-to-you app provides financial information about patients and tools to process payments quickly.

  • Shows guarantors’ balances, payment plan status and outstanding estimates
  • Provides simple payment processing tools and customizable recommendations
  • Makes every patient touch-point an opportunity to collect


Sirono Insurance Discovery
Our fully automated tools and processes discover hidden coverage and data errors, which is especially important when so many patients’ health insurance is in flux.

  • Harness patient data with fewer staff hours
  • Guaranteed ROI—only pay for value generated
  • Activate at any point in the revenue cycle process


Sirono Analytics Suite
When revenue and operations are being challenged by these unprecedented events, our data management platform enables better financial management and accurate forecasting by aggregating patient financial KPIs.

  • See metrics on staff efficiency, patient payments and satisfaction
  • Discover the drivers behind A/R, payment and operational trends
  • Create customized dashboards and detailed reports

If you’d like to learn how Sirono can support a fully remote call center team, while delivering a superior level of customer service, let’s talk. We’re here to help.