Real-Time Data Analysis for Impactful Decisions

The Sirono Analytics Suite

Delivering the intelligence to increase patient payments, decrease costs, and do more with less.

Healthcare organizations strive to improve financial performance, increase patient satisfaction, and optimize staff productivity. The Sirono Analytics Suite makes it easy to measure the success of operational initiatives, understand their overlap, and make sweeping improvements to operations.

Dashboards designed for practical insights—not pretty status reports

The Sirono Analytics Suite features pre-built, customizable dashboards to answer specific questions for different team members, offering the information to make their unique goals easier to achieve.


The Financial Metrics Dashboard

Up-to-the-minute revenue cycle intelligence

From a top-level view of all outstanding accounts down to account-level details about specific patients, the Financial Metrics Dashboard analyzes and interprets every aspect of the patient payment process.

The Financial Metrics Dashboard is pre-built for easy integration and automatic functionality, but every healthcare organization is different. Each user can customize their dashboard to address specific goals and challenges, including filtering by specific parameters, creating custom formula fields, and reorienting the graph format.


  • Account aging statistics
  • Collections and payment plan progress   
  • Coverage discovery and mapping
  • Custom filters, age brackets and search parameters
  • Interactive graphs and displays


  • Strategically implement new strategies and initiatives
  • Accurately measure the success of existing and new programs
  • Identify barriers to payment yield growth
  • Meet ambitious revenue cycle management goals


The Contact Center Operations Dashboard

Measure and improve your team’s performance in real time

The Contact Center Operations Dashboard is the command center for all contact center activities. Starting with overall operational metrics and drilling down to productivity reports for specific agents, you can identify and break through every barrier to targeted service levels.

You can measure where real operations stand against service goals by viewing live reports of all inbound and outbound calls according to any time period. To troubleshoot recurring customer service issues, the Contact Center Operations Dashboard creates a specified Case Reason and analyzes it against past and ongoing cases.


  • Real-time inbound and outbound campaign reports
  • Team and agent performance evaluations
  • Resolution time averages and breakdowns
  • Call metrics filtering by multiple variables
  • Automated case reason creation and analysis


  • Find the root cause of recurring customer service challenges
  • Identify systematic, replicatable solutions
  • Resolve errors in information flow across the entire contact center


The Patient Experience Dashboard

Leverage patient satisfaction and operations for higher payment yield

The Patient Experience Dashboard solves one of the most difficult challenges for healthcare organizations today—quantifying the impact of patient satisfaction on patient payments. The solution goes further to objectively identify patient experience initiatives that generate real ROI.

The Patient Experience Dashboard tracks patient satisfaction metrics for every patient across all channels of communication, including post-call survey ratings, Patient Financial Portal activities, statements, emails, and even text messages. With this information, the dashboard generates comprehensive Patient Satisfaction Scores that are automatically updated by subsequent patient activities throughout their entire relationship with your organization.


  • Compiling patient ratings from multiple survey types
  • Tracking patient behavior in the Patient Financial Portal
  • Ranking actions from calls, emails, texts and statements
  • Custom patient satisfaction report parameters
  • Filtering by hospital, department, patient category and status


  • Measure and score patient behaviors at each financial touchpoint
  • Achieve an objective understanding of patient satisfaction across demographics
  • Accurately link patient satisfaction initiatives to financial performance

Only 33% of patients dissatisfied with the billing process pay their medical bills in full. Let’s improve satisfaction, shall we?

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