Identify Insurance Coverage and
Patient Demographic Updates

Sirono Insurance Discovery

Uncover hidden coverage and patient data
errors with automated tools and processes
designed for your revenue cycle.

Sirono lnsurance Discovery—a key component of Sirono’s financial experience product suite—collects and analyzes numerous data sources to capture missed patient coverage and identify crucial data entry errors early and often. With this intelligent, automated solution, healthcare organizations can improve found coverage rate, increase reimbursements, and reduce bad debt.

Insurance Discovery also ensures that your patients are not hit with financial obligations they should not fulfill, improving their trust in your organization.

Turn patient data into new revenue.

On average, hospitals lose $2,500 in reimbursements for every three “selfpay” patients, despite the fact that many have or qualify for coverage of some kind. Sirono offers a fully automated solution for the identification and updating of valid coverage that integrates into existing revenue cycle management processes.

Flexible Deployment and Pricing

Activate Sirono at any point in the revenue cycle 

Sirono Insurance Discovery can be implemented with existing data extracts at any point in your revenue cycle process—before, after, or instead of your current solution. Our intelligent routing algorithms sift through your patient accounts and only submit accounts that have not been found by other methods. This means that you will not be double-charged for finding coverage on a given account.

Our flexible pricing approach enables us to design a solution to fit the specific financial needs of your organization. Multiple pricing methods are available, including contingency and transactional, reducing your financial risk and providing superior return on investment. You only pay for the value that is delivered, empowering you to apply additional budget toward other high impact initiatives.


  • Implement before, after, or instead of current solutions
  • Leverage existing data streams and extracts
  • Data routing intelligence ensures only the right accounts are sent through the process
  • Multiple pricing methods to fit your budget


  • Greatly improve your overall insurance discovery yield and reimbursement
  • Avoid IT burden by utilizing current extracts
  • Maximize ROI through customized pricing

The Customizable Patient Data Cloud

One size does not fit all

Sirono Insurance Discovery connects to a host of private and public databases as well as hundreds of private and government payers to find critical information for every patient. We understand that every market is not the same. This is why Sirono utilizes multiple data sources to design a custom solution for your organization to outperform alternatives.


  • Confirms eligibility, displays historical coverage, discovers retroactive coverage
  • Searches multiple data sources, including clearinghouse databases
  • Leverages the most effective data sources for each specific health system
  • Utilizes advanced algorithms to predict coverage that is not immediately evident


  • Boosts hit rates for found coverage
  • Increases reimbursements and revenue
  • Protects against losses for unpaid services
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Eliminates unnecessary collection calls and notifications that frustrate patients
  • Reduces statement and returned mail costs caused by incorrect demographics

Productivity Enhancement Features

Workflows optimized for speed with comprehensive analytics at your fingertips

Sirono Insurance Discovery streamlines the entire patient data process by automating most steps and providing easy to use tools to manage the exceptions. Demographic discrepancies are flagged and coverage information is automatically sent to your source systems. With Sirono’s rapid response approach, bulk queries are returned overnight, avoiding long wait times and timely filing deadlines.

Comprehensive analytics provide visibility into the performance of Sirono Insurance Discovery and any home-grown or 3rd-party solutions that may be in place giving you a comprehensive view of coverage discovery performance.


  • Customizable work queues and intelligent routing that works with your existing processes
  • Complete suite of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to track the performance of your processes and teams
  • Side-by-side comparison of multiple vendors


  • Cuts response time to comply with timely filing deadlines and shorten time-to-cash
  • Reduces data entry errors by eliminating manual entry, where possible
  • Enables healthcare organizations to generate more revenue with fewer resources
  • Provides instant visibility into the performance of your Insurance Discovery and Demographic quality efforts

Sirono’s Insurance Discovery solution identified $2,165,110,269 in billable charges to insurance.

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