Turn All Your Contact Center Agents Into Collectors

The Sirono Financial Health App

An Easy-to-Use App that Unifies Collections
Across the Contact Center

With the Sirono Financial Health App, every contact center agent has the financial information and tools to take payments and deposits or set up payment plans whenever a patient on the phone.

This easy-to-use app eliminates the need to log into multiple patient accounting systems and payment portals, shows each patient’s open balances and past payments, and makes recommendations for follow-up actions.

Multiply Collection Touchpoints While Increasing Efficiency 

Up to 80% of inbound contact center traffic is for appointments or finding providers. With the Financial Health App, every patient communication becomes an opportunity to collect. Our app not only pays for itself almost immediately, but by reducing collections communications, the overall cost to collect falls while patient satisfaction grows.

Visual Display of Each Patient’s State of Financial Health

Simple badges and color coding show each patient’s financial health at a glance. Any contact center agent can immediately see important information like a patient’s open balances and ability to pay without any additional navigation.

Our app also calculates useful metrics for each patient, including their patient satisfaction score, propensity to pay, and eligibility for charity care. Organizations can customize their own scoring rules and color codes for their specific guidelines and needs.

  • Overall Financial Health Score
  • Patient Satisfaction Score
  • Propensity to Pay Score
  • Missing Demographics
  • Charity Eligible
  • Bad Debt History
  • Delivers critical financial information at a glance
  • Greatly increases efficiency when collecting
  • Provides a consistent blueprint for organizational guidelines

Recommendations for Effective Collections

The Financial Health App makes recommendations on the best actions for collections, based on rules that are customizable for every organization. Agent action recommendations include taking a deposit or payment, creating a payment plan, and adding invoices to a payment plan, initiating the financial assistance policy, or any other custom action.

These actions are presented in priority order. This makes the job easier for even seasoned patient financial service agents and greatly reduces the training needs for agents from different departments to collect effectively.

Agent Action Recommendations

  • Take Payment
  • Take Deposit
  • Create a Payment Plan
  • Add Invoices to a Payment Plan
  • Update Payment Plan
  • Initiating the Financial Assistance Policy
  • Custom Action
  • Informs and guides contact center agents
  • Simplifies work for patient financial service agents
  • Greatly reduces training needs for other agents

Payment Processing Made Simple

The Sirono Financial Health App makes it easy for agents from any department to process payments. It aggregates all charges across departments, eliminating the need to log in to multiple patient accounting systems.

This not only makes every agent a potential source of revenue, it also increases patient satisfaction. Patients typically have to make multiple calls to or take multiple calls from different departments in order to resolve balances. With a single, combined balance to deal with in one interaction, patients receive financial clarity and timely service.

  • Take payments or create payment plans
  • Aggregates charges across patient accounting systems
  • Post-service charges or pre-service estimates
  • Pay off multiple accounts with a single payment
  • No need to learn multiple patient accounting systems
  • No need to log into multiple payment portals
  • Greatly reduces time and effort to collect
  • Easier for patients to understand total balances
  • Faster for patients to make payments

Millennials switch between devices 27 times a day. Is your accounts receivable keeping pace?

Millennials switch between devices 27 times a day. Is your accounts receivable keeping pace?

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