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About Sirono:

Sirono was founded in 2014 and is based in Oakland, California, with a development office in Austin, Texas. Sirono created the first customer service platform built specifically for healthcare organizations. Using the enterprise-grade Salesforce architecture as a base, our three core products, the Patient Receivables Suite, Patient Financial Portal, and Analytics Suite, solve a multitude of revenue cycle challenges for hospitals and health systems.

Why We Created Sirono:

Since the ACA was enacted, patient out-of-pocket costs have grown to more than $330 billion in yearly revenue. Most healthcare organizations are well equipped to collect from handfuls of insurers, but they do not have the tools and processes to effectively communicate with thousands upon thousands of patients. As a result, two out of three patients do not pay their medical bills in full and bad debt has grown dramatically throughout the industry.

Our cloud-based platform integrates easily with health information systems, providing the technologies for stellar customer service at any scale. Using our platform, healthcare organizations are able to offer a positive financial experience to all of their patients. Our customers experience an average year-over-year increase of 35% in patient payments.

Core Products:

Patient Receivables Suite
Provides a comprehensive view of every patient’s financial information in a single place along with the tools for seamless patient interactions.
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Patient Financial Portal
Allows guarantors to see a complete view of their entire family’s financial obligations and manage every aspect of the payment process.
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Analytics Suite
Aggregates patient financial KPIs across an entire organization, enabling accurate forecasts and advanced financial management.
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