Enabling Customer Service that Drives Revenue

The Sirono Patient Receivables Suite

Consolidates all patient financial information in one place along with tools and processes for seamless patient communication. 

With the capabilities for a guarantor-centric approach to customer support, contact center representatives have the ability to easily provide quick, efficient, high quality financial services to every patient, regardless of volume. The result is increased patient satisfaction, improved customer loyalty, and higher payment yield for healthcare organizations.

Customer service is one of the most challenging aspects of healthcare today

Health information systems (HIS) such as Epic were designed to manage a health system’s or hospital’s data and workflow–not provide the processes and tools for billing agents to efficiently service thousands upon thousands of patients. Our cloud-based engagement platform provides customer service representatives with all the patient financial information they need in a single place, along with communication tools for excellent customer service at every financial touchpoint.

Consolidated Patient Financial Information

The Patient Receivables Suite aggregates the financial data for a guarantor and their dependents across every entity within an entire health system, showing a family’s total financial obligations in one place.   


  • Aggregates all patient financial data across hospitals and health systems
  • Displays patient, guarantor and dependent information on one screen
  • Includes estimates, past services, and current charges
  • Shows the exact same estimates, statements, invoices, and payment plans that patients see


  • Ensures that agents are instantly prepared for service
  • Reduces response times and call waiting for patients
  • Increases staff performance and efficiency
  • Reduces operating expenses


Omnichannel Communications

The Patient Receivables Suite provides multiple communication channels between staff and patients, including voice, text, email and live chat. This lets patients choose whatever method of outreach is most convenient for them at the time, which starts conversations off on the right foot.


  • Phone, text, email, and live chat communication channels
  • Automatically records every conversation regardless of channel  
  • Progressive phone dialing features


  • Makes customer support far more convenient for patients
  • Provides options for every demographic
  • Begins financial conversations on a positive foundation

The Tools to Streamline Patient Account Management

The Patient Receivables Suite goes beyond making the patient financial experience better for patients, it also lightens the workloads of contact center agents. With tools and processes for automating many of the most time consuming customer service tasks, patient payments increase while operating costs decline.


  • Automatically routes patients to agents designated to handle certain cases and issues
  • Dynamically prioritizes outbound calls based on a proven, proprietary algorithm
  • Automatically populates patient information on screen for inbound calls and messages


  • Reduces contact center workloads & response times
  • Automatically creates case reasons for calls
  • Patients receive better, faster customer support
  • Improves overall efficiency and patient satisfaction

Millennials switch between devices 27 times a day. Is your accounts receivable keeping pace?

Millennials switch between devices 27 times a day. Is your accounts receivable keeping pace?

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