Discover Coverage Eligibility & Demographics in Seconds

Advanced Insurance Discovery

The automated tools and processes to catch missed coverages as early as possible.

Sirono’s Patient Receivables Suite offers every advantage for exceptional customer service and higher rates of patient payments. Advanced Insurance Discovery—a key capability of the Patient Receivables Suite—automatically finds missed coverages and catches data entry errors early, ensuring reimbursements and increasing revenue.

Make patient financial clearance work for you

Insurance discovery is one of the most time consuming and costly activities for providers. Hospitals lose $2,500 in reimbursements on average for every three “self-pay” patients, despite the fact that many have or qualify for coverage of some kind. Our Advanced Insurance Discovery tool automates the financial clearance process—finding coverage and catching errors while reducing staff workloads.

The Patient Demographic Cloud

Automates all the work for discovery 

Our advanced insurance discovery tool connects to a host of private and public databases, as well as thousands of private and government payers, to find all the information you need about every patient.

Any demographic discrepancies are flagged and all coverage is discovered, including retroactive coverage and eligibility for Medicaid or Charity Care.

Core Patient Demographic Cloud Features

  • Determines social security numbers, current and past addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and email adresses
  • Confirms eligibility, shows historical coverage, tracks changes, discovers retroactive coverage, determines eligibility for  Medicaid or Charity Care
  • Also searches clearinghouse databases for a history of refusal to pay for services

Core Benefits

  • Increases revenue and reimbursements
  • Protects against loses for unpaid services
  • Increases accuracy of “self pay” and Charity Care designations
  • Improves patient satisfaction when unknown coverage is discovered

Productivity Enhancement Features

Finds coverage in 1.8 seconds—with 1 click

Our Advanced Insurance Discover tool streamlines the entire discovery process. With an average search result speed of 1.8 seconds, demographics and eligibility confirmations are almost instantaneous.

A host of workflow features—including one-click updates—make financial clearance faster than ever before.

Core Productivity Features

  • 1.8 second search results
  • 1-click updates for errors and new information
  •  Sorts staff work queue by return on time and likelihood of payment

Core Benefits

  • Cuts the average 1 hour discovery time to minutes
  • Reduces data entry errors by eliminating manual entry
  • Enables healthcare organizations to generate more revenue with fewer resources

Data Cleansing Features

Ensures HIS patient information is up-to-date

The Advanced Insurance Discovery tool does more than find new patient information, it cross-references it against the existing information across your HIS.

Any omissions or errors are automatically flagged for the operator, ensuring that your master database is the system of truth.

Core Data Cleansing Features

  • Compares all new patient information to existing profiles in HIS
  • Automatically flags any suspect data before it’s entered
  • Connects to ancillary devices like patient portals, kiosks, or external billing feeds for additional data verification and cleansing

Core Benefits

  • Greatly improves HIS data quality
  • Makes patient billing and outreach easier
  • Reduces back-end reworks

In a recent case study, our Advanced Insurance Discovery tools generated  $7,712,305 in total billable charges.

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