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What Sirono’s Financial Health App Means for Communications and Revenue

Increase capacity to collect by an order of magnitude For many of our customers, communications are the key to stronger collections and higher patient satisfaction. The new Sirono Financial Health App unifies collections across departments and makes it easy for all representatives—not just financial service reps—to take payments, deposits, and much more. The Massive Impact […]

Support for Remote Work When You Need It Most

To everyone who works in healthcare, we sincerely hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Being on the front lines, we’d also like to thank you and your organization for all you’re doing to get us through this pandemic. Patients have always depended on their healthcare providers to be a steady stream […]

Financial challenges? 2017 survey says don’t overlook patient billing

Recently, the American College of Healthcare Executives released a survey of more than 1,000 hospital CEOs about their biggest concerns in 2017. The number one issue proved to be the same as it has been since 2015’s survey: financial challenges. Unsurprisingly, rising operating costs, uncollected revenue for services rendered, and intense competition are at the […]

How the Payment Process Impacts HCAHPS scores

Have you ever had a great clinical experience in a hospital or clinic, then have that feeling soured by a horrible billing process? Healthcare organizations go to every length to ensure you’re comfortable, informed, and attended to while you’re in their care. But, they fall short by ignoring customer service once you’ve left their facility. […]

The Three Most Important Lessons from Next Generation Patient Experience

From November 29-30 of 2017, the nation’s leading patient experience professionals met at NGPX (Next Generation Patient Experience) in San Diego, California, to discover the future of patient-centered healthcare in the United States. We were active presenters and participants at the conference, and were thrilled to share our ideas and learn from other experts in […]

Why the Last Impression Is the First Priority for Revenue

Many hospitals and health systems are working hard to create a positive clinical experience for patients—offering proactive service estimates, improving bedside manner, and providing online patient resources to name just a few. We’ve even heard of patients being greeted by crews of coordinated staff members like they’re shopping at the Gap. In fact, it’s common […]

Why Healthcare Needs to Adapt to Consumer Expectations

Consumers know that we live in a world that’s subject to change. Take home repairs for example. Everyone who owns a home understands that one repair often and unfortunately leads to another. You get your furnace serviced for $75 and find that a $500 part needs to be replaced. The hassles of bids, estimates and […]

Bad Debt Doesn’t Have to Get Worse for Health Systems

If providers are able to adapt to a different collections model Even with current “best practices,” health systems collect less than 35% of patient financial liabilities. Trends in the healthcare industry have shifted greater financial liability onto the patient. The ACA and rising prevalence of high-deductible plans have increased patient copayments by 34%. As patients are […]