We provide the most complete offering of
expert services and world-class technologies.

Sirono provides the industry’s most complete offering of expert services and world-class technologies to help you take your Patient Payments to the next level.

The Healthcare reimbursement process is complex. At Sirono, we have an intense focus on making things simpler by providing Guarantors with easy-to-understand information about their financial obligations. We combine this with personal concierge services and a variety of easy-to-use payment options to maximize collections, decrease bad debt, and increase patient satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management Technology

Our state of the art Customer Relationship Management Platform enables Sirono to truly understand your patients. All engagement history (calls, emails, etc.) and demographics (family members, unique information) are stored and available in our secure, HIPAA-compliant database. This allows our highly-trained Customer Support staff to provide a continuous dialog with the Guarantor, at an extremely high level of scale and efficiency.

Seamless Integration and Guarantor Account Aggregation

Sirono utilizes state-of-the-art integration technology that ensures on-time delivery of information to/from your hospital and physician systems. We employ advanced algorithms to map various accounts from all your accounting systems to one Guarantor view. Accounts are aggregated across all of the Guarantor’s dependents’ services as well, in order to provide one, single payment amount to expedite the payment process.

Specialized Staff

Sirono employs specialized staff to provide a high quality extension of your facility’s policies and procedures. This ‘concierge service’ helps your Guarantors clearly understand their financial obligations through easy-to-understand estimates and an aggregated view of their outstanding balances. In addition, the Customer Support staff can guide Guarantors through the variety of payment options, including flexible Payment Plans.

Predictive Analytics

Sirono analyzes key attributes and leading indicators to determine the best course of action for each Guarantor. Our predictive modeling routines generate automated Guarantor segmentation that drives our Customer Support staff to prioritize the Guarantors that need attention first. This process is customized to provide recommendations for both pre- and post-service activities to maximize the output of each.

Payment Plans

Sirono can arrange and manage interest-free payment plans per your hospital’s policy. Plans can be created to automatically charge a card on file or proactively monitor ‘promise-to-pay’ arrangements made with the Guarantor. By using a customized approach for all payment plans, Sirono maximizes cash collections while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Payment Portal

Sirono offers an online payment portal allowing Guarantors a consolidated view of their financial activity within all of your facilities. Easy-to-understand statements, payment options, payment plan management, and online inquiries are available at the Guarantor’s finger tips. This simple-to-use portal can easily be customized to include your organization’s logos and color scheme, or integrate with your existing patient portal.

Flexible Lock-Box and Merchant Services Connectivity

Sirono connects to your current Lockbox provider (or Certified Sirono partner) to receive paper-based payments from guarantors. Additionally, Sirono integrates with your merchant processor to accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH transactions. We then transmit transaction details back to your accounting systems for posting to the appropriate accounts.

Reporting and

Sirono provides a comprehensive reporting and analytics package that enables you to confidently monitor and manage your business. Analytics focusing on Accounts Receivable aging, cash collections, call center metrics, and other key measurements are available online and exportable for off-line analysis. These real-time insights enable a hospital to see trends in more detail and focus efforts where needed. You can’t manage what you can’t see.