We make patient payments easy.

Sirono delivers technology-enabled services to help health systems become experts at doing business with patients.

Increase yield.

Sirono engages guarantors about unpaid accounts before services are delivered, resulting in greater cash collections compared to standard practices.

Improve the patient experience.

Sirono enhances the patient experience and eliminates barriers to payment through well-designed communications. We empower patients to take charge of their healthcare costs.

Decrease cost-to-collect.

Sirono’s end-to-end solution gets it right up-front, focusing resources where they are needed most instead of relying on costly and disparate third-party software and services.

Implement with ease.

Sirono delivers turnkey, technology-enabled services through the cloud. There’s no equipment to buy or staff to hire – simply plug-in and begin experiencing happier patients and greater cash collections.

Healthcare providers have a bad debt problem.

Existing “best practices” succeed in collecting less than 35% of what is otherwise collectable from patients who have the ability to pay. The Affordable Care Act and the increasing popularity of high-deductible, high-coinsurance health plans will substantially increase patient balances – significantly increasing the amount of bad debt.

Sirono turns bad debt into good debt.

We deliver technology-enabled services through a low-cost subscription model that produces remarkably different results, without requiring full control over a provider’s revenue cycle.

Start by identifying your future risks with our free patient pay performance and benchmarking dashboard. We’ll quantify your liability growth and collection efforts, and show what Sirono can do for you.

Our solution includes easy-to-integrate components that drive improvement individually or as a comprehensive service.

Sirono Clear

Engage patients up-front with pre-service financial clearance, service estimation, and recovery of guarantor liabilities.

Sirono Bill

Simplify billing with easy-to-understand paper statements, self-service online portal, and outbound call campaigns.

Sirono Pay Plan

Make payments affordable with our low-cost solution for administering auto-draft and promise-to-pay installment plans.

Sirono Measure

Get started with our free patient pay performance and benchmarking dashboard. We’ll provide insight into your average patient liability growth, your current collection efforts, and how you compare to other health systems.